EV Charging Facilities

Radisson Energy Group specializes in real estate development that enables EV charging for large electrical vehicle fleets. We have expertise in early stage site selection/ site development, environmental due diligence, electrical infrastructure analysis, permitting analysis and deal structure utilizing equity and debt financing to advance projects through a structured development process. A disciplined approach in our analysis ensures only bankable projects are advanced for full development.
We specialize in the following real estate transactions in the EV charging facility sector:
  • K-12 School E-Bus Garages
  • Municipal E-Bus Garages
  • E-Garbage Truck Service Centers
  • Highway rated E-truck Service Centers
  • Autonomous E-Vehicle Service Centers
  • Commercial and Institutional E-Vehicle Service Centers
  • Electrically Operated Marine Vessel Service Centers
  • Our planned facilities in this emerging market will be managed under our affiliated business unit Radisson Energy Group. Our development work in this emerging market will provide clients with charging infrastructure that will be integrated with a customized renewable microgrid.